Request for Proposals
Proposal to Construct a Pump House near Hogback, NM
Navajo Nation Department of Water Resources -DNR
RE-BID No. 16-04-1496VJ
Proposal for Subgrade Prepatation, Soil Stabilization and Aggregate Surface Course
Navajo Nation Department of Roads
RE-BID No. 17-02-1632JJ
Proposal for a Partial Renovation and Remode of Existing Senior Citizen Center Facility
Navajo Nation Capital Projects Management Department -DCD
BID No. 17-04-1656JJ
Proposal for Providing Consolidated Financial Services
Navajo Nation Regional Behavioral Health Authority -DOH
BID No. 17-05-1665VJ
Proposal for Conference Room and Equipment Rental, Catering, Refreshments and Lodging for Annual Staff Meeting
Navajo Nation Department of Behavioral Health Services -DOH
BID No. 17-05-1667JJ
Proposal for Department of Personnel Management Administrative and Operational assessment For Reorganization Feasibility
Navajo Nation Division of Human Resources
BID No. 17-05-1668VJ
Proposal to Plan and Coordinate the Navajo Head Start School Readiness Summit
Navajo Nation Head  Start -DODE
BID No. 17-06-1672LE
Proposal for Meeting Space, Hotel Lodging and Catering Services
Navajo Nation Head  Start -DODE
BID No. 17-06-1673LE
Proposal for EMS Medical Director
Navajo Nation Divison of Public Safety
BID No. 17-06-1674LE
Proposal for identifying qualified pumping suppliers for Irriation Pumps for the Hogback Irrigation Pumphouse A and B Lateral Pumps
Navajo Nation Department of Water Resources (NNDWR)
BID No. 17-06-1675VJ
Proposal for Mass Notification System
Navajo Division of Public Safety, Department of Emergency Management (Navajo DPS-DEM)
BID No. 17-06-1676JJ