Request for Proposals
Proposal to Develop a Final Design and Construct the Helium Lateral Siphon Project
Navajo Nation Department of Water Resources (NNDWR)
RE-BID No.18-04-1825VJ
Proposal for Twenty Two (22) Type I Ambulances
Navajo Nation Department of Emergency Medical Service
BID No. 18-06-1864VJ
Proposal for Site Handicap Ramp Demolition, Rebuild and Building Improvement Project
Navajo Nation Uranium Workers Program -DOH
BID No. 18-06-1865LE
Proposals for Final-Littlewater Seeding for Route N481 & N7119
Navajo Nation Division of Transportation
BID No. 18-06-1868VJ Addendum #1
Proposals for Customer background Checks
Navajo Nation Department of Self Reliance (DSR)
BID No. 18-06-1869VJ
 Propsoal for ADDENDUM 2 Governmental Campus Fiber Ring Project
Navajo Nation Department of Information Technology
BID No. 18-06-1875VJ Addendum 2
Proposal for Computer Hardware and Software Training
Navajo Police Department (NPD)
BID No. 18-06-1878VJ
Proposal for Kitchen Plumbing Repairs, Shiprock, NM
Navajo Nation Department of Behavioral Health Services
BID No. 18-06-1881LE
Proposal for Shiprock, NM Site and Building Renovation Project
Navajo Nation Division of Behavioral and Mental Health Services
BID No. 18-06-1882LE
Proposal Two Way Radio Equipment Installation on Navajo Nation
Navajo Nation Telecommunication & Utilities (NNTU)
BID No. 18-07-1883LE
Proposal to Upadate and Enhancements to Web-based and Hosted Health Information Software System
Navajo Nation Special Diabetes Program (NSDP)
BID No. 18-07-1884VJ
Proposal for TV Station Studio Upgrades
The Navajo Office of Broadcast Services (NOBS)
BID No. 18-07-1885VJ
Proposal for Navajo Nation Facilities Maintenance Department construction of Two (2) Buildings
Navajo Nation facilities Maintenance Department (FMD)
BID No. 18-07-1887VJ
Proposal for Pavement Marking on a Two Lane, for Route N481 & N7119, Littlewater, NM.
Navajo Nation Division of Transportation (NDOT)
BID No. 18-07-1888VJ
Proposal for Insurance Services Department's Three Self-Funded Insurance Program
Navajo Nation Office of the Auditor General
BID No. 18-07-1891VJ
Proposal to Renovate the Tuba City Industrial Laundry Building in Tuba City. AZ
Navajo Nation Office of Special Education & Rehabilitation