Request for Proposals
Proposal for Culvert Extension, Linear Grading, Subgrade Preparation, Aggregate Surface Coarse and Stablilization for Sanostee, NM
Navajo Nation Divison of Transportation
BID No. 17-02-1631JJ
Proposal for Secure Data Center Service
Navajo Nation Department of Dine Education -DODE
RE-BID No. 17-08-1715VJ
Proposal for Prequalify Contractors for the Black Mesa Low Water Crossing
Navajo Nation Division of Transporation
BID No. 17-08-1721JJ
Proposal for Site and Building Improvement Project
Navajo Nation Department of Behavioral Health -DOH
RE-BID No. 17-08-1722LE
Proposal for Subgrade Prepaation, Soil Stabiliation, Spot Graveling with Stabilizer and Culvert Replacement
Navajo Nation Department of Roads -NDOT
BID No. 17-08-1725LE
Proposal for Refuel Diesel Fuel Station Services -Little Water, NM Project
Navajo Nation Department of Roads -NDOT
BID No. 17-08-1727VJ
Proposal for prequalify Contractors for N8065 Black Mesa Culvert Installations
Navajo Nation Division of Transportation
BID No. 17-09-1728JJ
Proposal for Elevator Maintenance Services Contract
Navajo Nation Telecommunications & Utilities -DGS
BID No. 17-09-1734VJ
Proposal for Domestic/Family Violence Shelther and Supportive Services
Navajo Nation Strengthening Families Program -DSS
BID No. 17-10-1735LE
Proposal for Public Hearing Translation/Transcription Services
Navajo Nation Department for Self Reliance -DSS
RE-BID No. 17-10-1736VJ
Proposal for Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment and Audio Visual Project
Navajo Nation Department of Health -DOH
BID No. 17-10-1737LE
Proposal for Irrigation Project in Shiprock, NM
Navajo Nation Department of Water Resources -DNR
BID No. 17-10-1738VJ
Proposal for Professional Marketing and Planning, Creative Development, Plan Implementation and Management Strategy
Navajo Nation Tourism Department -DED
BID No. 17-10-1739VJ