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Vision Statement

To envision employees with enhanced knowledge and competency to utilize state-of-the-art technologies and equipment with all automated work flows in a new facility and in a good healthy working environment fully supported by leaders within all three governmental branches resulting in satisfied customers.

Mission Statement

The Office of the Controller’s mission is to provide quality service to its customers with integrity and accountability through compliance and transparency
Office Supply Center will be Closed April 03, 2017 to April 07, 2017 due to Quarterly Physical Inventory

The 6B Rollout for Procurement is open to all Divisions/Departments to enroll.  We would need individuals and division directors to take Procurement, to learn how to enter/approve their own online orders.  We will be moving away from paper Purchase Requisitions. Please sign up asap with your Division Training Coordinators.  Thank you.

Memorandum -Personal Action Forms for Terminated Employees
Memorandum -On Line Purchase Requisitions
Memorandum to Navajo Nation Division Directors on the Financial Management Information System (FMIS) Project.
Concerning the FMIS Upgarde and Agency Roll Out.
Public Hearings on $554 Million Mismanagement Trust Settlement with US
  Chinle Agency:
  Crownpoint Agency:
FMIS Project Newsletter, September 2015

Memorandum to Navajo Nation Chapter regarding the Gaming Revenue Distribution Polices and Allocations

NN External Funds Reversion Report Update 03/03/17
Contracts and Grants ending September 2016 by Branch/Division
Request for W-9 for Address Book (AB) Payee Setup/Updates
Training for Common Foundation and Inquiry is now available On-Line.  Go to the FMIS Training page and see how to get registered.
Office of the Controller
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