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Memorandum -Travel Flight Payment
MEMO -September 15, 2015
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Travel Policies and Procedures
  **These policies are subject to change.
Navajo Nation Travel Policies and Procedures, March 9, 2020
New Travel and Pcard Policies are in effect as of April 01, 2020
Legislative Travel Policies and Procedures
Other Travel information
Privately Owned Vehicle Reimbursement Rate 2022
Memo -December 30, 2021
Flight Information Form
Navajo Nation Trip Report Form
Navajo Nation Mileage Report Log
Navajo Nation Travel Phone Log and Lodging Statement
FY2022 Per Diem Rates
FY2021 Per Diem Rates
Frequently Traveled Cities FY2022
Frequently Traveled Cities FY2021
Meals Breakdown FY2022
Meals Breakdown FY2021